Radio Free Julie: Julie Waters Podcast Radio Free Julie: occasional music and thoughts from Julie Waters, updated at random intervals. en Acoustic Music Guitar like you have never heard Julie Waters Acoustic melodies from Julie Waters in a wide variety of styles. Julie Waters Julie Waters Julie WatersAcoustic MusicnoStar of the County DownA trio, using acoustic guitar, banjitar and baritone guitar (brief excerpt) WatersAcoustic MusicnoNighthawksThe movement of Nighthawks tends to be fast and fairly magnificent. WatersAcoustic MusicnoDos MinutosFlamenco-style piece. WatersAcoustic MusicnoCrossing the Line'Crossing the Line' is a theme I've been working with for years now and finally got it where I want it. WatersAcoustic MusicnoFrom Jukebox Jamboree: RiversideA track off of the new CD 'Jukebox Jamboree,' This is a fairly direct blues tune, but somewhere I got tired of putting the word 'blues' in the title of songs, so instead of calling this 'Riverside blues' I just swapped it for 'Riverside.' WatersAcoustic MusicnoThe Snowy EgretInspired by the movement of the Snowy Egret WatersAcoustic MusicnoPine SiskinsPine Siskins are small birds that can appear in huge numbers. This seemed fitting WatersAcoustic MusicnoDancing ShoesSwing style trio, with acoustic guitar, banjitar and baritone guitar. WatersAcoustic MusicnoFrom Jukebox Jamboree: SimplifyA track off of the new CD 'Jukebox Jamboree,' I wanted to try a something that forced me to slow down a bit. I tend to be a bit of a speed demon, so trying something that pushed me to work at a slower tempo was a good challenge WatersAcoustic MusicnoJoyA Bach inspired piece off of my new album, 'The Book of Light'